Mjölkgård Test Batch

Living in Wisconsin has some truly tremendous benefits. Sure it can be cold in the winters and too hot in the summers. There is a very rural feel to much of the state and many of its citizens. Take that however you want. We are home to several amazing breweries, however. Many who distribute only within Wisconsin. I won’t make a list here as I am sure to miss someone incredible.

One of my favorite Wisconsin beers is a cream ale from New Glarus Brewery called Spotted Cow. Mjölkgård is a Swedish word that means “dairy farm”. It is my attempt to recreate this beloved brew.

Here is the Mjölkgård recipe for 5.5 gallons. I have scaled it down to 1 gallon for today’s test brew.

My brew day worksheet. Modified from BrewersFriend.com. Download the PDF.
5.2 pH stabilizer. The manufacturer states 2 oz per 31 gallons. That scales down to 0.064 ounces per gallon.
Mash target 154° F. I hit 152.9° F.
pH stabilizer for the sparge water.
Stay cozy my little friend.
After mashing for 60 minutes the temperature only dropped a few tenths of a degree.
Lautering the first run. Nice and clear after about a quart of vorlauf.
So clear I can read through it. Nice pale color too.
Time to mash out. Target temp was 166° F.
Weighing out the hop schedule. The measurements are pretty small for a malty brew at 1 gallon.
Final lautering.
Top View
Starting to boil.
First hops addition.
Shameless refractometry selfie. FG is 1.052. Goal was 1.048.
I put the boil kettle outside in a tub of ice. it is 3° outside. I reached pitching temp in 22 minutes.
I did a starter so I could pitch and retain ~150 billion cells for a future use. 220 mL out of 800 mL needs to go into the wort.
I put in a little wort before pitching the yeast, then add the rest if the wort.
Now adding the yeast. Needed about 34 billion cells to finish clean.
I attached a blow off tube right away after yesterdays mess.
That’s a handsome brew.
Mjölkgård next to Fenrir’s Bite with the aftermath of the airlock disaster from yesterday all over its wooden platform.




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  1. That’s funny, this is almost exactly what I’ll be doing on Sunday except in a bigger batch. The only difference is I’m adding a little bit of Crystal 20L to get a slightly deeper color and using Willamette for bittering (with first wort hop addition to mellow it out a bit) and Saaz for flavor and aroma.

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