First Yeast Starter

Last week I built a DIY stir plate for yeast starters. Today I hit up the Wine & Hop Shop for some supplies for a few 1 gallon test batches and picked up some DME (Dry Malt Extract) along with the yeasts I needed to do some starters and collect a extra 200 billion cells or so for storage to use in a future brew. I used Homebrew Dad’s yeast calculator, or at least I meant to… I planned for a 1.040 SG starter in 1 L. For some reason, maybe because it is the default volume, I put 1500 mL of water in my flask instead of 1000 mL. I are dumb. The OG turned out to be around 1.027, so not even close to what I wanted, but I should still get a good amount of extra yeast cells, but only about half of what I had wanted. Oh well… leave it to me?!?!?

Obviously I am not just whipping this up to see if I can grow yeast. Something spicy is coming this week!

Look at that stupid grin. Like I don’t even realizes it’s too much water and I am about to boil over!



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  1. As far as boil over’s in general, I’d recommend adding a drop or two of fermcap-s, it really is the difference between a mess and a clean brew day. I use it in my starters and then a few drops at the beginning of the boil.

    I’ve got a sneaky suspicion of what the spicy brew to come is!!

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