Bottling The “Farm Girl” Belgian Saison

Seven hells this has taken a long time to get here. We started this beer in the middle of January, and here we are in March.

January 18th was the brew day for this Farm Girl Belgian Saison. The yeast we used was the Wyeast 3724: Belgian Saison, and this thing is a picky little C-U-know-what-I-mean. When I took a gravity reading on Tuesday last week, it had reached final gravity. I put it in the 42° F root cellar to cold crash for about 4 days and today I rounded up the micro-team and we bottled it. Total volume after transferring it into the bottling bucket was just a hair over 5 gallons. We ended up filling four 22 oz bombers, ten 16 oz Grolsch bottles, and thirty-one 12 oz long-necks.

So now we wait another 2-3 weeks for this to carbonate in the bottles. I am thinking we should rename it Falkor since this beast has been a never ending story.

bottling_farm_girl_0001 bottling_farm_girl_0002 bottling_farm_girl_0003 bottling_farm_girl_0004 bottling_farm_girl_0005 bottling_farm_girl_0006 bottling_farm_girl_0007 bottling_farm_girl_0008 bottling_farm_girl_0009 bottling_farm_girl_0010 bottling_farm_girl_0011

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