Son of MLT… Micro Mash Lauter Tun (μMLT) v1.0

This is a 2 gallon Rubbermaid beverage cooler conversion I did yesterday for 1 gallon batches/exbeeriments. I added a 3/8 ball valve.

Beer bottle for scale because I didn't have a banana.
Beer bottle for scale because I didn’t have a banana.

There is a CPVC manifold inside.


The CPVC manifold is coupled to the bulkhead with a 3/8 threaded to 1/2 inch pipe copper fitting.


With the manifold pulled out, you can see the slits that were cut into the CPVC with a hacksaw for lautering.


And here is the micro mash/lauter tun (μMLT?) on top of its big brother, a 10 gallon Igloo MLT.


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