Buddies; Grand Opening

The Buddies Blonde Ale has been bottle conditioning for 2 weeks now. Today I cracked the first one open.




I love malty beers. I like a good, hoppy IPA as much as the next chap, but I am generally not a big fan of “hop forward” beers. This Buddies blonde ale uses 11 lbs of grain and a 60 minute addition of just 1.2 oz of Willamette hops (4.7% AA). The Willamette is enough to balance the malty sweetness with a mild bitterness and a hint of earthy spice, but as I drink this beer, I am blissfully unaware of a hoppy presence and, at the same time, my palate is not being overwhelmed with unattenuated malty goo. It is balanced… Mellow. My mind wanders to images of biscuits and toast. I am swept away to a field of barley, drinking in a sensory experience. I think I want another one. This beer reminds me of an old friend… A buddy. We’re buddies, right?



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  1. Really good beer! Well balanced, smooth, a little hop character at the end. Very drinkable and would be a perfect refreshing summer beer. Great job! Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Dave! I’m glad you liked it. We have a Belgian Saison in the fermenter right now. That should be an awesome summer beer. I will be sure to get you some… for research and science.

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